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Shital Shah
H.R. Consultant - Patient - Never miss an appointment whether you book from the website or the app, seamless connection between the website and the app makes it much simple. A superb application.A one touch app for all your medical needs.
Shital Shah
Dr. Durva Shukla
Remarkable to see Doctors, Pharmacies, Diagnostic Centres , Hospitals and Ambulances all under a single platform.
Dr. Durva Shukla (Dentist)
Capt. Nikhil Raut
Just what was required, a mobile platform which bridges the gap between the Patient & the Medical Services. An app required by each and every tourist / visitor / expats in India.
Capt. Nikhil Raut
Sargam Gupta
Managing patients appointment from the website or app is what makes the platform more user friendly.
Sargam Gupta (Nutritionist)